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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a set of practices or methods utilized in Internet marketing. The goal of which is to increase the visibility of web sites in search engine results. This is an invaluable tool for businesses that sell products or services online and to those businesses that use their web sites to generate sales leads. Although this can be considered as a major goal of doing SEM, there are other benefits that can be achieved. These include, brand building and promotion, enhancing business reputation with clients and investors, generating media coverage, redirecting users to physical business locations and etc. Not only businesses but other organizations can benefit a lot from applying SEM strategies to their web sites. For instance, if non-profit organizations can get more visitors to their site as a result of search engine marketing, they can generate more donations or volunteers to the organization. Educational institutes can attract more students through their doors, political parties can promote their political views and garner support for their candidates, and free thinkers can popularize their ideas. The possibilities are endless.

Strategies used in Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine optimization

To achieve top rankings in for a site in search results, for a set of relevant keywords. This is done by improving the web site structure, content and relevant back link counts.

Pay Per Click Advertising

This uses search engine listings that can be sponsored to increase the traffic to a site. Advertisers can bid for relevant search terms and the search engine will rank these sponsored ads based on a competitive auction and other factors.

Paid Inclusions

This is a strategy where the search engine company charges a fee from the sites to include them in their search indexes.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media describes the online communities and community sites, which people use to share ideas, opinions, insights, and perspectives with each other. Prominent examples include, MySpace, hi5, Flikr, Digg, YouTube etc. The idea behind social media optimization is to optimize a web site so that they will interlace or be highly visible in these social media sites.

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SEO Services
Optimizing your site to get top search rankings for relevant keywords is a very important factor. The main reason behind this is that sites with top rankings generate more traffic. More traffic converts into more sales or sales leads for a business.

Rankings Guaranteed offers comprehensive packages designed and customized to suite your particular site. We make sure that the strategy we use will generate the right results for site and help it achieve its business goals.

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Outsourced SEO
Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are specialized work that needs to be done properly if the expected results are to be gained. This is where SEO firms comes in. Rankings Guaranteed is one such company with expert knowledge in various aspects of SEO and SEM. We also have a wealth of experience optimizing various sites in different subject matters and different goals. Our experience also ranges working with many international clients.

Let us take some of the burden off you. By outsourcing these services to us, your free to concentrate on other areas of the business.

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