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A Clear Definition to Search Engine Optimization

There are many definitions available for what is search engine optimization. The true definition of it can be stated as a highly specialized process of developing a successful web site. The term successful means a web site that can be found through a search engine. If a web site cannot be found by the users, it is not doing its job properly, an unsuccessful site.

The objective of search engine optimization is to help a web site attract new and targeted visitors. These visitors in turn will convert into buying customers, bringing in more business to the site.

According to statistics, around 90% of visitors to web site, found it by going through a major search engine like Google or a directory service such as Yahoo. This means that more and more attention is paid by web owners to optimize their sites. The work of a SEO professionals and specialists is considered an important part of modern day web development.

Different search engines use different methods to index web sites and to give them rankings. Additionally these methods keep changing as new technologies are being developed. Carrying out a SEO process on a site is just not enough. They have to apply other marketing strategies as well to make a site a success. These include pay-per click campaigns, link popularity campaigns, web analytics, banner ads and even offline advertising campaigns.

Individual web sites compete in different segmented markets. Each of these sites target very different customers in very different markets. Some sites have a local scope, while others target either national or global markets. These are important facts to keep in mind when doing optimization for a site. The SEO strategy for a site must be developed according to the business goals of the site and its target market. The result is a customized SEO package that has a higher rate of success.

A professional SEO firm can develop a successful strategy for getting top rankings for your sites, which will help you realize your business goals. Don't delay; contact us now to see how we can help your site steady, targeted and high quality traffic.

How Search Engine Work

Almost all surfers will use a search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN to search for some specific information on the Internet, at some point of their surfing life. These search engines are able to return relevant information for almost any search criteria provided. However did you ever stop to think how the search engines get their information?

The popular myth regarding how a search engine works is that when a query is entered, the search engines go through the web to find matching entries. This is not the case. A search engine creates its own copy of the web, which is known as an 'Index'. This index is not an exact copy of the web and smaller in size. It also changes from search engine to search engine. A search engine builds an index by using a special kind of software known as a crawler or spider. A spider can read text of a web page and links to other pages to read. In this way spiders travel all across the web finding new web pages and modified web pages that can be added to its index. After a page has been identified by a crawler, the search engine's software adds a copy of that page into its index. When a query is entered to the search engine, the software searches its index to find matching pages. The matching results are then sorted into a specific ranking order. Each search engine uses a different algorithm find and rank pages.

When it comes to optimizing a web site there are three important conclusions to keep in mind. They are useful in getting a higher visibility for your site in the search engines and if you want to offer your visitors the best usability features of your site.

A search engine may not have a copy of every page of your web site. The copies may not be up to date. Or an index can have a page that is non-existent.

In order for a page from your site to be listed in response to a users query, the search keywords must be matched on the copy of the search engine index. Similarly if an index has a page that does not exist anymore, your server will return a HTTP 404 error page. All this can tarnish the professional image of your company. So a greater importance must be placed on updating you site regularly and ensuring that there are no pages missing or any broken links in your site.

Search Engine Positioning and Optimization

A question post by many web site owners is whether there is any difference between search engine positioning and search engine optimization? Although they mat sound similar they imply two different things.

Search engine positioning is the exact keywords and key phrases or the search phrases used by your prospective visitors when searching for a particular product or services. This information is very important when targeting traffic to your site from search engines. Knowing what exactly your users are searching for and what the completion you're up against is like is also important when it comes to getting high rankings for a site. What search query determination comes down to is finding an almost perfect balance keyword targeting, popularity and direct competition.

Before optimizing a site, search engine position must be done to determine the keywords and phrases that will have the most success in getting high ranking for a particular site. Many factors contribute when determining key words. The business area the site is in, the product or service it offers, who are the potential customers that need to be targeted, what is the competition like, are some of the main factors. Optimization specialists will carefully study these factors before determining a set of key words that will have the most impact on a sites ranking.

Search engine optimization is the actual process of putting the keywords and phrases into a given web site. It requires proper placement techniques and correct wording. This is a direct response to search engine positioning. The optimization work is the less complicated in the whole process. The key is to use only one or two keywords in any one page of the web site. Once a page is identified to optimize and the key words to be used in that page is selected, they are inserted in to the page. Thus the search engine optimization process is finished.

To get the best results of optimization, there are certain sections of a web page where key words should be inserted. These are
  • The title of the page
  • Keywords and Description META tags
  • The 1st paragraph of the body text
  • The test of any links that point to the page
  • A heading tag such as H1, H2 H3, etc

Increase Web Site Sales and Performance through Rankings

Different organizations may expect different results through a web site. For a business web site the main objective is to generate more sales for the business organization. To do this, the site needs to generate more traffic. More and more business organizations are recognizing the importance of properly marketing their web sites. In these marketing campaigns, search engine marketing and search engine optimization plays a key role.

Search engine marketing and optimization is specialized service area with professional firms undertaking these work. This need for specialization arose because a properly optimized site can bring many benefits for a site and its owner. However the work relating to optimization is not that easy. These firms specializing in optimization work have dedicated to study the trends of search engines, the technologies they use, marketing trends and etc. This knowledge they gather helps them to develop search engine optimization plans that suite individual site needs. All this ultimately helps your site to get the top rankings and eventually increase your sales and to achieve your goals.

These firms follow a step by step process to optimize web sites. The first step is to select the right keywords. This depends on several things. The field of business, what products or services the site offers, the targeted audience and nature of the competition are the important ones. The use of right keywords and key phrases will ensure that your targeted visitors will be able to find your web site and will purchase your product or service through the site.

Once the right set of keywords are chosen the site is optimized. Each single web page will be optimized by one or two keywords. Once the page and keywords are selected, they are inserted into the page. These include the title, Meta tags, heading tags and the content. An important factor to remember is to avoid spam or illegal techniques in order to get higher rankings. This will only ban or penalize your site. The content must be quality and search engine friendly. A page must be structured so that it is obvious for a search engine that the page is relevant for a particular keyword. Additionally pages and your site must be easy to read for a search engine spider.

Another important area to consider is to have quality inbound links to your site. Search engines consider the number of quality inbound links as factor in their ranking algorithms. First find out what are the other quality sites related to a particular keyword or that compliment your products or services. Then try to establish reciprocal linkages with these sites. This technique may help both your sites in the long run.

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Optimizing your site to get top search rankings for relevant keywords is a very important factor. The main reason behind this is that sites with top rankings generate more traffic. More traffic converts into more sales or sales leads for a business.

Rankings Guaranteed offers comprehensive packages designed and customized to suite your particular site. We make sure that the strategy we use will generate the right results for site and help it achieve its business goals.

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Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are specialized work that needs to be done properly if the expected results are to be gained. This is where SEO firms comes in. Rankings Guaranteed is one such company with expert knowledge in various aspects of SEO and SEM. We also have a wealth of experience optimizing various sites in different subject matters and different goals. Our experience also ranges working with many international clients.

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