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Pay Per Click (PPC) and Text Advertising Management

This is a type of advertising model, where the advertiser pay according to the number of time a published advertisement is clicked upon. The placement of advertisements can be done according to the advertisers requirements. The result is that web site owners can get better positioning for their web sites on a search result page.

When carrying out a PPC campaign, the web site owners will first decide the keywords where the advertisement should appear when a search is carried out. They also have to decide on how mush they are willing to pay each time an advertisement is clicked on. The more a website owner is willing to pay per click, the higher his site will appear in the results for the chosen keywords.

What is PPC Management?

There are two types of PPC management strategies available. Search based and non-search based PPC Management.

In search based PPC management, the advertisements are placed on pages of search engine results. Where it is placed depends on the web site owner’s requirements and the keywords chosen. The ranking of the advertisements depends on how much the web site owners are willing to pay per click of and advertisement.

Non-search based PPC management is when advertisements are placed on topical sites. These are sites which have similar content as your own site or have products or services which compliment the products or services you offer. This is often referred to as context dependent advertising because the advertisement usually appears only on pages which have text similar to the advertisement itself.

Benefits of PPC Management

  • More precise targeting of audience
  • Flexibility and quick adjustments of the system and its effects
  • The scope of keywords is unlimited
  • Low cost compared to other advertising methods
  • Can work according to a precise advertising budget

If you are planning to market your web site through a PPC campaign, here are a few reasons why you should choose Rankings Guaranteed.

  • We take care of the most difficult part of the work, from selection of the best keywords to composition of the advertisement text.
  • We have a huge database of verified keywords and keyword phrases and can provide high quality advertising messages with high click rate and efficiency
  • We provide you with a preliminary cost calculation for the campaign
  • We have an individualistic approach because we know that each case and objectives are unique
  • We provide a thorough monitoring of the campaign.
  • We provide monthly reports of placement rankings and monthly reports monitoring the competition for specific key words and costs.
  • We carry out ongoing edits to paid listings as and when the need arises

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SEO Services
Optimizing your site to get top search rankings for relevant keywords is a very important factor. The main reason behind this is that sites with top rankings generate more traffic. More traffic converts into more sales or sales leads for a business.

Rankings Guaranteed offers comprehensive packages designed and customized to suite your particular site. We make sure that the strategy we use will generate the right results for site and help it achieve its business goals.

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Outsourced SEO
Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are specialized work that needs to be done properly if the expected results are to be gained. This is where SEO firms comes in. Rankings Guaranteed is one such company with expert knowledge in various aspects of SEO and SEM. We also have a wealth of experience optimizing various sites in different subject matters and different goals. Our experience also ranges working with many international clients.

Let us take some of the burden off you. By outsourcing these services to us, your free to concentrate on other areas of the business.

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